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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Mr. Larry Shuklian


Headshot of Mr. Larry Shuklian

Teacher in Residence

OFFICE:   10-236

PHONE:   756-6324


Mr. Shuklian comes to Cal Poly as a Teacher-In-Residence with twenty-seven years experience in agricultural education.  His versatile teaching manner, unique sense of humor, and sincere regard for his students are clearly evident in his assigned courses of Ag Ed 520 and Ag Ed 460.

Larry Shuklian spent his childhood on a farm in Visalia, California.  As an active member of both the Delta-View 4-H and the Mt. Whitney high school FFA, he raised and exhibited dairy cattle for eight years.

He attended College of Sequoias where he received his AS degree in Ag Science.  After transferring to Cal Poly, he graduated with a BS degree in Animal Husbandry in 1971.

Mr. Shuklian was employed for a year and a half with the Tulare County Extension Service where he conducted, collected, and disseminated research data on both livestock and crops.  Deciding to continue his education, he enrolled at Fresno State and attained his MS degree in Agricultural Science in 1975.

He then procured his first teaching position at Mr. Whitney High School (his alma mater).  When Visalia Unified built another high school in 1979, they hired Mr. Shuklian to aid in the initial development of the Agricultural Department at Golden West.  He taught there for twenty-five years.

During his teaching career, Mr. Shuklian had the privilege of being an adjunct professor at Cal Poly in the fall of 1993, a disseminator of Equine Science curriculum for Mississippi State in 1996, and the coach of three state champion Horse Judging teams in 1990, 1993, and 1996.

Larry and his wife Marilyn, a former elementary school teacher, reside in Morro Bay.  He has three stepchildren: Melinda, Mary Beth, and Marc.

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