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What is it like to become a high school agriculture educator?

Click here to read a personal testament by Riley Nilsen, Past Cal Poly ASI President and California State FFA President, about the value of pursuing high school agricultural education as a career. 

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Agricultural Specialist Professional Certificate

The courses offered in the Agricultural Specialist Professional Certificate program will prepare students to uphold the professional teaching requirements for the Specialist Agriculture credential, while not being able to receive the credential from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Students completing the professional certificate program will be prepared for a career in agricultural education having met the course requirements for the Specialist Agriculture credential.

To meet these program goals, the agricultural specialist curriculum requires that students successfully complete a total of 14 units. Individuals who hold the Specialist Agriculture teaching credential or are eligible by holding a Single Subject Agriculture teaching credential are not eligible for this certificate program. 

For more information and instructions to apply for the Agricultural Specialist Professional Certificate, visit this information page.

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