Agricultural Education and Communication

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Megan Silcott


Headshot of Megan Silcott

AgCircle Advisor and Lecturer

OFFICE:   10-238

PHONE:   756-2892


A Cal Poly graduate, Megan Silcott earned her degree in Agricultural Science with minors in agribusiness, agricultural communication and Spanish in 2009. She completed her master’s degree in Agricultural Education in March 2014.

Megan returned to Cal Poly in September of 2011 as the Brock Center for Agricultural Communication Director and Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show Advisor. Her duties now include working with students who develop the AgCircle magazine, over-seeing both AGED and AGC senior projects, managing the agricultural communication minor and instructing agricultural communication courses from software and publications to presentation methods.

Prior to returning to Cal Poly, Megan interned with CoreClean Group, LLC and was hired full time after graduating. As a member of Core’s marketing team, she was the connection for the national sales team to their graphic artist and helped develop regional marketing concepts, trademarks, sales analytics, and conference development.

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