Agricultural Education and Communication

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Sherri Freeman


Headshot of Sherri Freeman


OFFICE:   10-242

PHONE:   756-2973


Sherri Freeman joined the Agriculture Education and Communication Department in the Fall of 2015. She was born in Fresno. Her family was very involved in the beef cattle industry, which led them to many ranches in Nevada and finally settling in the Imperial Valley. Sherri was very involved in her high school agriculture program and fell in love with agriculture education. As a member of the Imperial FFA, she served as an officer and was very involved with showing livestock at the Imperial Valley Fair. 

She attended California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, and graduated in 1983. She also received her teaching certificate and master’s degree at Cal Poly in 1998. She was able to develop a new agriculture program at Warner High School in San Diego County, where she taught for 18 years. During her time in Warner Springs, she taught a wide variety of courses and was able to develop a four-year pathway of UC-approved agriculture science curriculum. For the past two years, Sherri has been an agriculture instructor at West Hills College Coalinga where she taught agriculture business and crop science courses.  She is currently enrolled in the Doc@Distance doctorate program with Texas A&M University and Texas Tech, majoring in agriculture education and communication. Her passions include spending time with family (which includes two sons and a daughter), riding horses and mules, leatherwork and packing in the Sierra.

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